Our 2019 herb planting!                                                                                                                        

We work to build sustainable and healthy neighborhoods, improving the physical environment and strengthening community infrastructure.

By changing places, we’re changing lives.


Turning Brownfields into Community Assets
Through support provided by the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA) of the National Park Service , Groundwork Buffalo is working with community-led efforts for the reuse of brownfields as parks, green space and other community assets. 

Urban Waters Community Advisory Coalition
Groundwork Buffalo will be working to raise awareness of the effects of stormwater and urban runoff on Buffalo’s water systems by creating the Urban Waters Community Advisory Coalition to provide citizens with a platform to communicate their concerns about our water resources.

Groundwork Brings Project WET to Communities in Buffalo
Groundwork staff and volunteers will be implementing a variety of fun activities adapted from Project WET, a water education organization providing water education activities to raise awareness of and respect for water resources.

Hamlin Park Historic Preservation District Undergoes Transformation
Groundwork is partnering with the Hamlin Park Taxpayers Assoc. to make positive change to the Wohlers Avenue corridor and demonstrate how neighborhoods and community-based organizations can work together to eliminate the negative impact of vacant properties.

Youth Garden at African American Cultural Center
An empty lot is transformed into a youth garden at the African American Cultural Center for residents of all ages to enjoy and benefit from.

Changing Places and Lives at Friends to the Elderly
The back entrance to Friends of the Elderly was once a trash-strewn eyesore. This space is now a tidy and comfortable social area with a variety of low-maintenance plants and other perrenials. The renewed space will be used for cookouts, special events, outdoor movies and other programs developed by Friends to the Elderly. 

Little Sprouts Program
In July of 2011, Groundwork Buffalo worked with the African American Cultural Center to introduce their twenty five 5-8 year olds to a variety of outdoor learning opportunities. The Green Team installed beds for growing vegetables and planted a low maintenance butterfly bush, zebra grass and blueberry bushes for munching!

Changing Places and Lives on Best Street with Pelion Community Garden

Follow the progress as a community transforms an eyesore on Best Street into an asset, providing a learning opportunity for students, as well as inspiration for community members looking to reuse some of Buffalo’s vacant properties.

Schoolyard Garden at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts
Students and teachers work alongside each other in creating an outdoor sanctuary to learn, be creative and socialize with fellow students.

From Eyesores to Assets: Demonstrating the Potential in the Green Re-Use of Vacant Lots
Groundwork Buffalo is leading collaboration in creating a demonstration Green Lots project to show the value and feasibility of the green reuse of vacant lots and to showcase various alternatives that can be emulated around the City.